The transfer oven system is specially designed to transfer the grain pattern of polyester film to aluminum profile or plate surfaces, usually with a wood or marble effect on a single surface. The profiles or sheet parts must have been previously coated with special primer powder coating. The transfer process from the film to the profile or sheet surfaces takes place at the gelling temperature of the primer powder coating.

Aluminum profiles previously coated with primer powder coating and bagged with polyester transfer film are placed one by one on the carrier and mounted on special vacuum nozzles on both sides of the carrier. By using the vacuum valves at both sides, the air inside the bags is sucked out and the entire film is allowed to contact the profile surfaces. All profiles are vacuumed one by one in the same way. After the Start button is pressed and the carrier trolley is fed into the oven

As long as the carrier trolley is in the oven, the vacuum pump works continuously to ensure maximum efficiency in the transfer. When the transfer from the polyester film to the profile surface is realized, the carriage automatically exits the oven. The compressed air system starts to work and presses air into the bags to separate the polyester film from the profile surfaces. Afterwards, the polyester film is separated from the profile surfaces by the operator and the final product is obtained.

All parameters can be easily adjusted from the touch screen on the control panel.

As standard, the transfer furnace is designed only for the transfer process on aluminum profiles or similar materials. There is an apparatus with a membrane system vacuum frame that we have specially designed for transfer to products such as aluminum plates or steel doors with flat surfaces.

-Aluminum profiles can be processed in a short time period between 3-7 minutes
-Oven temperature and other parameters can be easily followed from the LCD panel screen
-Both manual and automatic mode of operation can be selected from the panel
-The sensors placed on the oven and on carrier provides complete control from the LCD panel
-Complete electrical installation of the unit is done up to the control panel
-Optionally, second trolley can be added to the system that gives 2 times more capacity
-Special membrane apparatus can be added in order to do a wood effect transfer on aluminum sheets

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