Tunnel type ovens are convection ovens which allows to electrostatic powder coated work pieces to be cured usually around at 180-200°C in 10 minutes, are used in the powder coating systems. Curing oven length is calculated according to the conveyor speed in order to achieve polymerization and curing of the work piece quantities per shift. The powder coating ovens are designed by us according to the shape, quantity and weight of the product to be cured.

These ovens are conveyorised, product inlet and outlets are opened designed accordint to the biggest work piece sizes. Oven can be designed as a tunnel, U, S or W-shaped according to the biggestt work piece and the work shop sizes.

Electricity, liquid or gas fuel is used for heating up the ovens.

Tunnel type powder coating oven consists of an oven body made of sandwich panels with thickness of 150mm filled with rock wool, oven heating system, circulation fan and a heat-exchanger unit with burner for gas/diesel fired ovens or electrical resistances for electrical source ovens. Air curtains placed at the inlet and outlet of the oven prevents from hot air loss from oven to the environment. Temperature controller is digital type and easy adjustable, an emergency thermostat is used for safety.

Ventilation air created by the circulation fans passes through the heating chamber, getting the heating energy with the highest efficiency and transfers into the oven. Adjustable air blowing openings on the air-duct located at the base of the oven maintains homogenous air distribution at the set temperature. Heating chamber is manufactured from high temperatıre resistant stainless steel.

Powder coating curing ovens are designed according to our long experience in designing of powder coating systems in order to work with the highest efficiency and to achieve desired set temperature with the lowest energy use.

The ovens are CE certificated and conforms to the European Norms.

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