The thermal cleaning furnace includes a process combustion chamber with a burner, an integrated thermal oxidizing afterburner, temperature control for both burners, an air supply and a water mist injection system to control flash temperatures that can occur when processing large combustible material loads.

Thermal cleaning furnaces operate according to the controlled air principle. The combustion process and temperature are controlled by restricting the air flow according to the load. Controlled air furnaces are equipped with a PLC system that displays and controls the furnace process temperatures during operation.

When the set temperature is reached, the air supply is automatically restricted. When the temperature drops, the burner is reactivated and the air supply is automatically opened. All heat cleaning furnaces include an integrated thermal oxidizing afterburner with its own temperature controller. This is sized to supply air to the exhaust gases of the process chamber and brings the gases to temperatures of 800-1,100ºC or higher to oxidize fumes and odors from the load.

Most paints and volatile coatings ignite in the 260-600ºC temperature range, causing rapid temperature rise up to the adjustable set point of the controls. When a sudden temperature rise occurs in the furnace, the oxygen required for combustion is limited, suffocating the fire. The process chamber burner and air supply automatically shuts down, the flame extinguishes as oxygen is depleted and paint cleaning conditions are created.

Gas or diesel fuel is used to heat the ovens.

The heat cleaning ovens are CE certified and comply with European Norms.


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