The powder coating booth is modularly manufactured from sheet metal panels and steel structure.

The recovery system in these booths consists of 2 parts - cyclone and after filter. The overspray powder particles moving with the air flow of the powder coatings applied in the powder booth first enter the cyclone, where most of them are recovered. The recovery in the cyclone is based on the principle that the powder coating particles are collected at the bottom of the cyclone by friction against the cyclone wall and gravitational force. The powder paint recovered here is sieved and then returned to the system through auxiliary systems for reuse.

Smaller diameter powder particles that do not settle in the cyclone come to the after-filter unit where they are filtered and prevented from escaping to the workshop environment. The extraction fan is located inside the after filter unit in an insulated sheet metal cabinet that maintains a minimum noise level. The filters are cleaned in a timer-controlled manner. Clean air is returned to the workshop area and no environmental pollution occurs. The coating particles accumulated in the after-filter group are a mixture and are waste powder coating.

The pneumatic air knife system prevents powder coatings from collecting on the booth floor, aiding rapid color change. The design of the powder coating booth provides easy cleaning and fast color change.

The optional VM POWDER CENTER works completely synchronized with the powder booth.

Quick and easy color change;
Efficiency 97-98%

The powder coating booth is CE certified and complies with European Norms.

automatic-powder-coating-booth powder-coat-automatic-booth

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