powder coating on expansion tanks and vessels
powder coating line for expansion tanks and vessels pressure vessel automatic powder coating line

KBS Kartal Bombe Sanayi / Gebze, Turkey

Powder coating line for expansion tanks and pressure vessels between 500-10.000 lt volume, 
Conveyorized step by step system

automatic thermo plastic coating system
automatic thermoplastic powder liquid coating line thermoplastic automatic line

Abd Elhamid for Engineering Industries / 10th of Ramadan City, Cairo Egypt

Liquid and powder thermoplastic coating system for wire shelves and baskets and wire products, step by step fully automatic conveyorized line

horizontal aluminum profile powder coating line
automatic powder coating chrome free pretreatment

De Poorter Aluminium / Meulebeke Belgium

Bar transfer system horizontal powder coating line for aluminum profiles
Chrome-free dip pretreatment system

industrial combined liquid spray booth
combined liquid spray booth combined spraybooth

Desen Kimya Metal Kumlama ve Yaş Boyama / Çorlu Turkey

Industrial combined liquid spray booths, 
3 spraybooths  with sizes L15 W5 H5m each
for primer, middle layer and top coat

industrial liquid spray booth
liquid spray booth industrial spraybooth

Web-Tech Ltd. Plovdiv/ Bulgaria

Industrial type enclosed liquid spray booth, positive pressurized

powder-coating-expansion-tank2 powder-coating-expansion-tank3

Litson Genleşme / Gebze Kocaeli Turkey

Step by step powder coating line for expansion tanks

automatic-powder-coating-booth powder-coating-electrical-panels

Tripoli Libya

Continuous automatic powder coating line for electrical panels and enclosures

conveyorized powder coating line
powder coating oven powder coating booth

Sarl Triplesafe / Batna Algeria

Continuous powder coating line for steel furniture

powder-coating-wood-effect powder-coating-profiles-sublimation

Aberdeen Contracting / Al Jahra Kuwait

Bar transfer powder coating line for aluminum profiles

Wood effect oven for aluminum profiles and sheets

powder-coating-containers powder-coating-containers1

Kain Group / Ghazieh Lebanon

Step by step conveyorised powder & liquid painting line for garbage containers

powder-coat-conveyor-oven powder-coat-electric-oven

Boa Makina / Antalya Turkey

Bar transfer powder coating system for agricultural machinery

chromate-pretreatment-system dip-dry-off-oven

Polvo Metal / Istanbul Turkey

Bar transfer powder coating system for aluminum profiles with chromate dip pretreatment line

powder-coat-line2 powder-coat-line3

Paktaş Platform A.Ş. / Başiskele Kocaeli Turkey

Conveyorised step by step powder coating line for vehicle platforms, up to 2 ton weight

Combined liquid spray booth

powder coating line for steel furniture
powder coating curing oven powder booth

Sarl Exosafe / Batna Algeria

Conveyorised powder coating line for metal furniture

phosphate automatic pretreatment line
 automatic pretreatment line phosphate automatic pretreatment

Apaydın Metal A.Ş. / Merzifon Amasya Turkey

Automatic pretreatment system, Tunnel type dry-off oven and Cardan conveyor

liquid-spray-booth2 liquid-spray-booth3

Siemens Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş./ Gebze Kocaeli Turkey

Telescopic liquid spray booth


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