The conveyor chain is made of high carbon steel by hot forging method and consists of 3 parts - side link, middle link and a pin. Since chain links are connected to each other without rivets, chain assembly and dismantling is very easy.
Conveyor trolleys consist of 2 symmetrical bodies made of hot forged high carbon steel, between which carrier plates are attached and the bearings are mounted on them. Bearings are special type conveyor bearings that can operate at 200˚C. Trolley bearings are lubricated by means of grease fittings on the bodies.

The trolleys mounted on the chain moved by the drive unit, work on the principle of carrying the suspended loads by moving on the I-beam rail. The conveyor rail is fixed by steel supports fixed to the ground. Due to the chain structure, the webb conveyor is suitable for horizontal movements on the X and Z axes as well as vertical movements on the Y axis.

Webb conveyors are manufactured as 3" and 4" types and trolley load capacity is 120 kg, 250kg and 450kg per a hanger.

webb-type-conveyor webb-conveyor

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