Cartridge filters for powder coating booths and for sand blasting cabinets

Standard sizes for filters used in powder coating application booths;
• Ø320x300mm
• Ø320x600mm
• Ø320x660mm
• Ø320x1000mm
• Ø320x1200mm

Filter media;
• Cellulose (paper)
• 100% Polyester - in the range 160-270 g/m²

Filter connection types;
• Hole on the bottom cover, for rod connection
• Top connection with aluminium flange
• Top connection with plastic flange
• Bayonette connection
• For different connection types, manufacturing can be made according to your technical drawing

Other properties;
• Antistatic
• Flame retardant
• Hydrophobic
• Spunbonded + Thermally bonded PTFE (teflon) membrane

It can be produced from filter material of desired size and feature according to customer demand.
Suitable for jet-pulse cleaning system.
Made in Turkey

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