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Electrostatic Powder Coating Equipments

VM VOGA Elite powder coating equipment, the new technology provides many benefits and convenience;
-Rapid access to different product coating modes by using PIC controlled digital card technology; 
-Protection from voltage fluctuation by using power supply instead of transformer 
-Limitation of voltage and flow configurations separately in maximum and minimum levels and the possibility to configure them separately 
-Realizing a perfect coloration by configuring voltage and flow settings separately in deep parts in which there is Faraday cage 
-Rapid transition to color settings of standard parts with 3 pre-determined and 1 user-configured memory key 
-Longer and more productive and secure function in comparison with analog cards 
-PIC controlled microprocessor technology and combination of electrostatic technology 
-PIC controlled flow and voltage optimization and color savings up to 30%, tribo and corona spray guns are used in the same power box 
-Full integration to PLC systems with Mod bus communication protocol 
-Access to memories with separate keys for a comfortable and easy use 
-LED warning system against network grounding faults 
-Electric and pneumatic groups in aluminum box are used separately and isolated from each other. 
-1st layer coating and 2nd layer coating 
-Recessed and deep material coating and tribo coating are done in one equipment.
-Solutions can easily be produced in respect to the material.

A maximized coating quality in intricate materials in an easier and faster way with a minimized air and powder coating consumption

VM VOGA powder coating equipment achieves perfect coating quality at all types of parts by reducing the Faraday cage effect to zero with PIC technology.


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